• EH 47 E 37


    General Works

    Collectaneous writings by Shalom ben Moses Ben Tzur.

    I. שיר חדש דבר דבור/ למולדות ולעיבור.
    II. ספר תשמישי הקודש.

    Collectaneous writings by Shalom ben Moses Ben Tzur, North-Africa, late 17th century.

    The name of the author can be inferred from the acrostic at the beginning of part I.

    On f. 14v of part I ownership inscription:

    ”זה הספר הוא של אדוני אבי זצוק″ל. אני הצעיר עבד הצור עזוב ועצור שלמה בן ה″ר שלום זלה″ה ס″ט.“


    I: Treatise on chronology in verse.

    II: Treatise on grammar in verse, based on the book Arugat ha-Bosem by Samuel Archevolti.

    III: Novellae on the Pentateuch and on several treatises of the Babylonian Talmud.

    Hebrew / Paper / 13,3 x 9,8 cm. / 3 parts: I: [42], II: [12], III: [100] ff. / North-African cursive writing with some square headings / Part III has no title / Catchwords at the end of each page.

    Fuks 125.