EH 47 E 53


Works on Special Subjects
Charms, Amulets and Magic

Scroll with kabbalistic amulets and texts.

[אילן] ספירות

Scroll with kabbalistic amulets and texts written in drawn decorations. 18th century.

The Ilan Sefirot chart is showing the structure of the Divine Emanations (sefirot and partzufim) according to the Lurianic Kabbalah.

Hebrew / Vellum / 5 pieces / I: 28,6 x 51,1. II: 28,6 x 73,1. III: 28,6 x 79,2. IV: 28,6 x 69,8. V: 28,6 x 153,2 cm. / Text written vertically from top to bottom in skilled square and rabbinic cursive writing, with very skillfully executed drawings and decorations with geometric ornamented symbols.

Fuks 143. Kaplan 180.