EH 48 A 22


Against Christianity

Libro Quinto. O Quinta Piedra ...

Libro quinto. O Quinta Piedra / del Zurrón de David, que arroja el / autor a la testa de los Gigantes / que mantienen los Dominantes errores- / Autor / A[braham] G[omez] S[ylveira] / Año 1725.

Fifth book. Or fifth stone of the sling of David, that the author throws at the celebrating giants who hold on to their domineering wrongdoings. Author A[braham] G[ómez] S[ilveira], in the year 1725 [probably in Amsterdam].


p. I: Title.

p. IA: blank.

p. II-III: Table of contents.

p. 1: Prologue.

p. 2r-18v: First chapter: Are the Scriptures clear or obscure?

p. 19r-34v: Second chapter: Is the Law of Moses perfect and eternal or did God promise that He would give another?

p. 35r- 61r: Third chapter: Are the ceremonial precepts eternal or will the coming of the Messiah annul them and institute other ones?

p. 61v-75r: Fourth chapter: Is the Law of God, given by Moses’ hands, too heavy, rigorous and difficult to be observed? Or is the Law of the Gospels a law of grace and mercy, and easy to be observed, as Jesus Christ said?

p. 75v-88r: Fifth chapter: Is the election of Israel as people of God eternal?

p. 88v-138r: Sixth chapter: Is the Messiah the Creator of the World or a man with human nature as anyone else?

p. 138v-180r: Seventh chapter: When the Messiah comes, will he be accepted by all the people or desired by the Jews?

p. 180v-217v: Eight chapter: Has the Messiah already come? The Christians ensure that he came as Jesus Christ and the Jews are expecting his coming. It must be known who is right, Jews or Christians.

p. 218r-233v: Letter by Abraham Gomez Silveyra about the book Hipotesis de un perspicaz entendimiento, sobre la inteligencia de alguns pasos del Santo Propheta Daniel concerniente al futuro Messias, com la Repuesta de un Anonimo que admite esta hipotesis, como provable y no como infalible (Hypothesis about the understanding of some passages of Prophet Daniel about the coming of the Messiah), published in Amsterdam in 5485 [1725] .

Spanish / Paper / 28,6 x 22,5 cm. / I – II, 1-195, 195*, 195**, 196-232 ff. / Current Iberian writing / Text written in pencilled frame with catchwords at the bottom of each page.

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.