EH 48 D 28



Kabbalistic treatise, responsum on the Sefirot for Joseph Levi ben Meir by Meir ben Gabay

Translated from the Hebrew into Portuguese by Meir Lumbroso. Tunis, 1661.

זה השער ליי צדיקים יבאו בו / Camino de verdade em caminode com / trisão que sobio sobre camino de cabala / Piqueno de sensia E grande de querensia / seu Companheiro sabio vario del dio te / meroso muito agaon maravilloso q″e″a″r″ / R. Meir Ben Gabbay ז″ל/ traduzido da lingoa Santa em Lingoa / Portugesa Por o sr gaghão R. meir lum / broso Em tunes Em 12 Sivan

מאת יי היתה זאת היא נפלאת / בעינינו / אני עבדך · בן אמתך / דוד ישראל · 5421


f. 1r: Title.

f. 1v, 2v, 3, 65v, 66v: blank.

f. [2r]: Drawing.

f. 4: Index of subjects.

f. 1r-64v: Text.

f. 25, 35, 53r, 55r, 62r, 63r, 66r: Some Hebrew annotations.

f. 64r-65r: Another index.

The Hebrew edition of the work Derekh Emunah was published for the first time in Padua, 1652.

Belonged to the collection of Ets Haim Library at the end of the 19th century.

On the last 4 ff. some later Hebrew and Portuguese grammatical annotations and ownership inscription in several styles of writing of Abram Abatear Mello.

Portuguese with Hebrew annotations / Paper / 24,7 x 17,6 cm. / [4] + 67 + [4] ff. / 18 lines to a page / Neat Iberian writing with square unvocalised writing on the title / Annotations in the margin in a smaller 18th century hand / Title written in drawn ornamental frame / Kabbalistic drawing on f. [2r] / Contemporary leather binding.

Fuks 118. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.