EH 48 E 13


Histories and Chronicles

Notisias dos Judeos de Cochim.

History and customs of the Jews of Cochin by Moses Pereira de Paiva, 18th century copy.

Notisias / dos / Judeos de Cochim / mandadas / por / Mosseh Pereira de Paiva / A Cuya Custa se imprimerão no / Anno 5447.


p. [I]: Title page.

p. 1-24. Text.

Copied from the printed ed. Amsterdam, 1687, but without the approbatur of Rabbi Isaac Aboab.

Cf. L. and R. Fuks, “Joodse geschiedschrijving in de Republiek in de 17e en 18e eeuw.” In: Studia Rosenthaliana, VI, 1972, p. 147 sqq.

Portuguese with some Hebrew words / Paper / 15,6 x 9,8 cm. / [2] + 24 pp. / 22-23 lines to a page / Neat Iberian writing / Contemporary paper cover.

Fuks 348. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.