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Genealogical history of the Aboab family by Isaac de Matatiah Aboab

Copied by his son Matatiah de Isaac Aboab. Amsterdam, 1676-1719.

Livro de Nota de ydade Reducido / por my Ishack Aboab e / copiado por my Mathatia do / senior Ishack Aboab / B.


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f. 1r: Preliminary note, dated Amsterdam, Rosh Hodes Adar 5436 (14 February 1676). The author mentions his sources: documents belonged to his ancestors and information obtained from his older relatives.

f. 1v-2r: List of names of the author’s and his wife’s (Sara Curiel) ancestors.

f. 3r-11r: Genealogical relation.

f. 11r-12v: Isaac de Matatiah Aboab’s annotation on the shipwreck of the vessel on which his son Matatiah was traveling from Texel to Curaçao.

f. 27r-43v: Continuation of the genealogical relation.

f. 44r: Dutch annotations written by Isaac da Costa (1798-1860) on the later descendants of Curiel’s family.

The genealogical information goes back to 1497. On folios 28r, 29r, 31v, 37v, 42v and 43v, there are annotations in another handwriting, concerning information after 1703 (Matatiah’s death). It is not the same hand of the Dutch annotations at the end of the manuscript, which were written by Isaac da Costa.

This manuscript belonged to the collection of Isaac da Costa, a Dutch writer, descendant of Uriel da Costa. It was partially edited by I. S. Révah.

Published by I.S. Revah, Pour l’histoire des “Nouveaux Chrétiens” portugais: la relation généalogique d’I. de M. Aboab. In: Boletim Internacional de Bibliografia luso-brasileira, Lisbon 1961, II, pp. 276-312.

Belonged to the collection of Ets Haim Library at the end of the 19th century.

Text in Portuguese with some Dutch annotations / Paper / 19,4 x 13,7 cm. / 22 ff. written upon, interspersed with 12, 5, 3 and 2 blank ll. / Variety of lines to a page / Current Iberian hand with some later entries in two other current hands / Contemporary vellum binding.

Fuks 370. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.