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Dialogo dos montes

Biblical play by Rehuel Jessurun, late 17th century copy.

Dialogo dos / Montes / מעט יי / עושה שמים וארץ / Interlocutores são, os / Siguintes, assaber, / A terra prologo / O monte de Sion / O monte de Sinai / O monte de Orahar / O monte de Nebo / O monte de Querisim / O monte de Carmel / O monte de Zefim / Ieosaphat Iues.

The work was published in Amsterdam, in 1767, with additions and emendations by Isaac Cohen Belinfante.

The author, whose Iberian name was Paulo de Pina, composed the play in 1624 in which year it was performed in theSynagogue of the Sephardic congregation Bet Jacob in Amsterdam on occasion of the Shavuot festival. Cf. C. Roth, A History of the Marranos, Philadelphia 1932, p. 313 sqq.

Portuguese and some Hebrew quotations / Paper / 18,6 x 14,2 cm. / 66 ff. / 16-17 lines to a page / Iberian current and some Sephardic cursive writing / Title written in drawn decorative frame / Text written in drawn frame of 16,2 x 12,8 cm. / On f. 55v drawn decoration / Modern half-leather binding.

Fuks 304. Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.