• EH 48 B 02



    Itinerary of Antonio de Contreras and polemical dialogue of the same with the Jew Daniel of Livorno, 18th century copy


    p. 1: Title I: Viage entretenido de Don Antonio de Contreras y su buelta a Roma a un señor Intitulado muy amigo suyo.

    p. 1-14: Text itinerary.

    p. 15: Title II: Coloquio que se passo entre Don Antonio y Daniel de Liorne.

    p. 15-95: Text dialogue.

    p. 96: Title III: Razonamiento del Doctor Montalto en Paris.

    p. 96-136: Text argumentation.

    Bequeathed by Rabbi Jacob Ferares of The Hague in 1885.

    Spanish / Paper / 86,6 x 20,7 cm. / 136 pp. / 23-24 lines to a page / Neat current writing of the 18th century / Titles written on top of the text / Catchwords at the end of each page.

    Fuks 451