• EH 48 B 11



    Collection of several treatises

    Holland, 18th century.


    I: p. 1-54: Keset Jeonathan, polemical treatise by Jan Richen alias Jonathan Ger, translated from the Dutch original into Portuguese by Samuel Abaz. Amsterdam, 1665.

    II: p. 1-3: Portuguese introduction to a Dutch ethical-polemical work.

    p. 5-160: Dutch treatise to prove from Scripture that Israel was chosen among the nations.

    p. 161: Portuguese epilogue.

    III: p. 1-65: Polemical treatise by Judah Carmy, translation from the Italian into Spanish by Samuel Abaz.

    IV: p. 1-82: Collection of 200 contradictions which occur in the New Testament, French. V: p. 1-20: Portuguese theological treatise by Moses Raphael d’Aguilar: Tratado da Immortalidade da Alma.

    VI: p. 1-11: Letter to the Parnassim and Gabay of the Sephardic congregation of Naarden.

    VII: p. 1-73: Portuguese translation of IV.

    Belonged to the collection of D.H. de Castro and was purchased in 1899.

    Portuguese, Spanish, French and Dutch / Paper / 26,8 x 21,2 cm. / Seven parts, I: 54, II:161, III: 65 (1 l. blank), IV: 82 (1 l. blank), V: 20 (2 ll. blank), VI: 11 (2 ll. blank), VII: 73 pp. / 23 lines to a page / Very neat small cursive writing of the18th century / Catchwords at the bottom of each page.

    Fuks 449